This was the main body of work I produced for my solo show “Emergence”. It is supposed to represent the process of becoming. Beings of the in-between, manifestations that represent a turbulence in the natural world succumb to human consumption and disregard.

Its origins can be found from the animated film “Fern Gully” (1992) wherein the same form of human corruption upon nature takes a major role in my work (as well as its inspiration from Indigenous Australian mythology). I felt that there was some common theme about spirits and their symbolism in our impact on the environment, but unlike the film, I want to illustrate them as not something primarily evil or destructive, but as a consequence of our actions.

A balance between the forces of destruction and the forces of creation (parts I – V)


Oil on board, 300 cm x 90 cm (multiple panels, 60 cm x 90 cm each)